Is Ponting testing our intelligence?

Posted: October 1, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Yesterday, Ricky Ponting mentioned that he is still open to the ‘catches pact’, whereby the batsmen should take the word of the fielder on dubious catches!

I can’t really understand it, does he think that Kumble is so naive that he’d actually get into such a pact with, of all the people, Ponting? It would be a good idea with someone like, say, Dan Vettori, who’s quite an honest dude but, Ponting? Isn’t this the same person who claimed a clear bump catch off Ganguly? Isn’t this the same guy whose team claimed an LBW against Dravid when the ball clearly came off his bat? I really don’t know whether to be angry or amused by the following quote he made at the press conference:

“Anil [Kumble] was the one who didn’t want that [a pact on trusting the fielder’s word] after the Sydney Test for one reason or the other,” Ponting said. “To me it’s like flogging the dead horse, to tell the truth. I go to every referee meeting before a series wanting to play the game like that, but almost every other captain in the world is not interested.”

Well, let me give you a clear message, Ponting, on behalf of all the cricket fans and captains out there:

“I think anyone would be pleased to have a catching pact with you because it’d make the jobs of those poor souls, the umpires, much more easier, and it makes the game much pleasant to play. However, it seems that you are living in a supernatural world where you seem to be the only person who thinks that your team is playing in the right spirit when no – one outside your country thinks so (actually, that lad Peter Roebuck doesn’t think too highly of you). Therefore, get your ass out of your bubble and face reality!”



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