Ranatunga bowing down to someone?

Posted: July 29, 2008 in Sri Lanka
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Since there isn’t nothing much, I decided to touch upon this. My good God, I don’t think ‘Captain Cool’ (as he is known here in SL) has ever bowed down to anyone. However, to my glee, the current crop of Sri Lankan players have managed to do it, something which not even Mark Taylor’s Aussies were unable to do!

It’s regarding the IPL. Thing is, the Sri Lanka Cricket board (SLC) had got an offer from the ECB to tour England in April and May for 2 tests and 3 ODIs (as a replacement for Zimbabwe). Ranatunga, in a moment of stupidity, accepted it, thinking that the SL players would accept it joyfully. Sadly, its a well known fact that Sri Lankan players are the 2nd most underpaid players among all top nations, and, so, the money from the IPL is like diamonds to the players’ eyes. Since this England tour would clash with the IPL, the players are adamant that they want to go to the IPL. The crisis is further compounded by the fact that the SL players have no official contract with the SLC (they only had a ‘tour contract’ for the Asia Cup).

The reason why I’m so happy is that the SLC is one of the most corrupt bodies in Sri Lanka, and every single cent in the SLC coffers are swindled by businessmen who join the SLC ‘in the best interests of the game’. I know, people might think that they’re being selfish, but this is what the SLC deserves! (and Ranatunga, for thinking that just because he was a good captain, he could be a good administrator)



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