NZ robbed in "broad" daylight!

Posted: June 19, 2008 in england, new zealand
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Well, the second ODI between New Zealand and England concluded yesterday, and just as New Zealand seemed to find some luck on this tour, they were robbed of victory due to yet another foolish regulation which just gives more ammo for everyone who are calling for the ODI format’s head (including myself). The match was declared over without a result due to the fact that, according to the rules of messers Duckworth and Lewis, a minimum of 20 overs have to be bowled in each innings in order for a result to be arrived at. It wasn’t D/L that Dan Vettori was cursing, but the fact that, even though the rain was so unpredictable throughout the day, the rule-book stipulated that a minimum 30-minute “tea-break” had to be taken between innings. Both teams showed willingness to make with 10 minutes or so, but the rule-book didn’t allow them to do so, which meant that a match which looked to be in the bag for NZ (with just 7 runs required off the 20th over if they didn’t lose a wicket) went down the ground drainage along with the water on the ground!
I think the umpires could’ve perhaps shown more flexibility and reduced the break as it was quite sunny during the break time and they could’ve squeezed in another 3 overs or so!

Another point of contention was the fact that Collingwood kept changing his field after nearly every ball, which reduced the number of overs he bowled! I think that there should be a rule to discourage time-wasting, as the spectators are robbed of their money (esp. in a place like England, where they cough out nearly £67 for a match), and it denies the batting team the right to play more overs. Obviously, Colly said that he was really into the game, and couldn’t help it, but it was quite obvious what happened.

I feel that this game should just precisely show the administrators why a lot of people are calling for the expulsion of ODIs!



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